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Ostrich Oil

Ostrich Oil

The Historical Benefits of Ostrich Oil
Ancient cultures used ostrich oil as a cosmetic for dry skin and dry hair conditions. It is said that Cleopatra and the Queen of Sheba used ostrich oil as part of their beauty regiment to maintain their beauty in the hot, dry, desert climate. Ostrich oil has a high content of Omega 3, 6 and 9, the skin loving, moisturizing and conditioning properties!

The Egyptian, Roman and African cultures used Ostrich Oil for skin care over 3000 years ago. Historical documentation references as far back as the first century AD regarding a widespread use of Ostrich Oil, a practice that continued for hundreds of years.

The refined oil from Ostrich has been used for thousands of years for dry skin and dry hair conditions.


Why Use Ostrich Oil 
Ostrich oil is high in Omega 3, 6 and 9, the skin loving Essential Fatty Acids. It is thought that it is the content of the Essential Fatty Acids in ostrich oil is why many find. Ostrich oil is non-comedogenic, in other words, does not clog pores. 
Ostrich oil is not a modern discovery but one reportedly used by ancient cultures to repair skin. It is said that Cleopatra and Nephrites, the Queen of Sheba used ostrich oil to maintain their beauty. Others used it to reduce scarring.

Ostrich oil is an ideal ingredient to help maintain a soft and healthy skin as it contains these three fatty acids necessary for rejuvenating and repairing skin cells damaged through every day stress, exposure to weather and aging.

Ostrich oil contains Omega 6 ( Lineic ) , Omega 9 ( Oleic ) Essential Fatty Acids (EFA's) and certain Vitamins and Amino Acids to help maintain the health. Ostrich Oil penetrates deeply into the skin unlike petroleum based products and provides a luxurious moisture for hours without clogging pores. 

Ostriches convert the vegetable oil in seeds to an animal fat that is extremely high in EFA's. The Myelin Sheath, consists of EFA's and when the body lacks these. Because it replenishes the EFA's, it is naturally soothing.

Ostriches are fed a vegetarian , all natural feed so no animal by-products, no growth hormones or antibiotics. This means a pure natural oil that is great for your skin.

Ostrich Oil can be combined with a number of Essential Oils.

There have been reports of Ostrich Oil, along with added Tea Tree oil. The oil has helped.. In addition, some have reported Ostrich Oil. These are based on individuals and are not a scientific study. We make no guarantees.

Ostrich Oil can separate if it is stored at lower temperatures and you may find the oil 
" creamy " at this point. Placing it in warm water for a short period of time will return the oil again. We do not recommend that the oil be stored in sunlight or in areas of higher temperatures.

Ostrich Oil
Oil from ostrich has been used for centuries. It is natural and soothing oil, highly penetrating, with excellent moisturizing capability. The ostrich oil is also available in “natural” to use as is or you may add your own favorite aromatherapy oil. Try it for: skin moisturizer, acne and pimples, massage, multiple sclerosis, antiseptic, burns, dry chapped skin, cracked heels and dry hair.

Ostrich oil has excellent penetrating qualities. It goes right through the skin barrier with the ability to carry other with it deeply into the body. 
Ostrich oil is naturally high in essential fatty acids, which a

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